How to Make it to the Gym... And Stay There!

How to Make it to the Gym... And Stay There!

Do you find that you are losing motivation during your workout, or even worse, to workout at all, due to your energy level? Don’t worry, you are not alone – many deal with this same problem multiple times in their workout schedule every week. Here are some tips that can help you elevate your energy level and maintain it for the duration of your workout.

Mint is a Lifesaver! – You’re probably thinking, "how could mint possibly help me stay energetic during my workout?". Well, everyone has heard of and tasted peppermint before, but few know the energizing power packed into this herb. The scent of mint stimulates the area of the brain that essentially controls your alertness, memory, and energy level. In short, mint tells your brain to wake up and focus on the task at hand. When you feel your energy dropping, chew some peppermint gum to get and keep you energized!

Do Something you Love! – It’s always going to be harder to stay energized when you are doing things that you find boring or genuinely dislike. If you can avoid doing those things, the obvious solution is to stop doing them and swap in something you love to do instead. However, sometimes you can’t avoid the things you are bored by or really can’t stand. Try making these things a competition with yourself and/or others, to push yourself through.

Add a Supplement – Find a natural, healthy, and fast acting energy supplement that will pump you up with maximum energy. The supplements should be rich in Vitamin B, as it is one of the main elements when it comes to assisting your body creating energy. Try to stay away from artificial ingredients as well as caffeine, if possible!

Bottom line – Don’t let your lack of energy stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Use these 3 tips to keep you on track to be a better you!

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How to Make it to the Gym... And Stay There!