Your Yoga Journey Can Start From These Simple Poses

Your Yoga Journey Can Start From These Simple Poses

Life always has its way of throwing an unexpected event into the mix. These tend to make us anxious and stressed, causing us to not be the best version of ourselves. When we feel this way, we need a way to release these feelings. Although there are many effective options to do so, we suggest yoga - which focuses on the art mental stillness. Deep breathing and specific postures are done to help you calm down. When you are calm mentally, you can think clearly and deal with the issues that you are battling, head on.

There are several yoga poses that when practiced daily can help slow down a racing mind. Spend at least five minutes in the poses provided below.

Mountain Pose – Stand straight up with feet together. Relax your shoulders and make sure you’re steady and balanced. Breathe in deeply as you raise your arms above your head, reaching as high as you can. This pose will help calm and focus you.

Child’s Pose – Comfortably sit on your heels straight up. Reach your arms stretching them forward as far as you can. Your chest should be as close to your knees as you can get them. Hold this position and breathe.

Bottom line- Yoga is not a cure, but it is a way of managing those stressful days so that you can overwork on returning to the best version of you that is not plagued with stress and anxiety.

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Your Yoga Journey Can Start From These Simple Poses